H@pp!nn€§§ M@nT#ℜ@

Hello! Welcome to one and all!I am glad that you found a way to be here. This is for someone who has dreams, but not yet achieved, this is for someone who wants to be happy but not being of circumstances, this is for someone who really wanted to live life in such a way they wish to! No matter how bad you are at doing things, just do and express it. Because in everyone there will be definitely some hidden talent, which they might not recognize. So here Sasha’s Writings are for those who want to live their life to the fullest in whatever way they want!

So Just start-up the things which makes you happy and make the people who are surrounding you. Do even the small things which are not most important, but yet makes you happy. Being happy is easy but spreading the happiness is incredible!

Spread the Love and happiness, no matter what you get back because everything has a fruitful effect later in life! Always be down to earth as your feet should always be on the ground and eyes should look up, no matter how much you grow in life. Be yourself and show the charm wherever you are!”


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100 thoughts on “H@pp!nn€§§ M@nT#ℜ@

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! Whether or not it is seen, we all have the amazing capacity to love and to show love to others. I hope this year more of us will be kinder toward each other and more loving to ourselves.

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