Actions and Results

I just felt awesome by speaking to a stranger today! Yes I mean it! Today after a hectic schedule on the way to home where i met a person of 60 year old who was observing me from past 10 minutes which I haven’t aware of untill, he said it!

After hearing to his story of not getting married because of his mom’s ill health when he was young at age,I felt quite impressed by seeing a son who loved his mom to the core.But later i felt pity, after hearing that he stays all alone! He just didn’t marry because of the past situations and remained all deserted now. Marriage is the crucial part in anyone’s life,where we find our half part or better half for the rest of the life. 

I came to know from his words that he sacrificed that crucial part for his mom and he is still regretting because at some part of life everyone needs someone to offer a shoulder at odd times ,to tap back at tough times,to advice at thorn paths,to love us as what we are when all the world left us alone! From this what I felt is just don’t think about the present situation and decide things,because no one knows what’s going to be happen in the future.Dont judge anyone with their present,you never know what they have sacrificed in the past! Everyone needs to know that our future actions are the results of present decisions and our present actions are results of the past decisions”.So think wise and work on the present things so that there would be no regrets and no pains in  the future.