What is happiness? I keep questioning myself the same from my teens. Later after that I had the same question. I want to see the most happiest person in the world and just ask that person how he/she could be so happy! I searched my happiness in few people and longed for that later when they left or broke the relationship, happiness faded away. I wonder when people says “I’m happy with he/she”! How can someone be happy because of others?! That’s not the permanent happiness,if we are being happy by someone or because of someone that’s only for the time being it’s temporary!!

After undergoing few tough situations in life,I became strong and I came to know that “No one can make us really happy until we decide to be“.I used to be selfish yet unhappy but when I learnt to share and care my happiness grew gradually!Happiness is not being with the person whom you love,it’s not having and enjoying luxurious life,it’s not showing attitude ,being selfish and being arrogant,it’s more than all these.

Happiness is caring,sharing,being kind,loving,making people around you to smile..it’s great and good when you are the reason for someone’s smile. One should smile with heart not with the lips,when we smile at other person ,it should be seen in our eyes :).It won’t come just as such but it can be done by changing our attitude and being what we are! One can be happy only when they love themselves!So be happy and spread the smiles:):)


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  1. I found you on Jackie’s party!
    This is the true definition of happiness. Sharing and caring!
    Hope you always find happiness , wherever you go! ☺️


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