Life’s Mantras

  Live your life

And risk it all ,take some chances and take some fall,Love what you do and Do what you Love.                                                                                    Smile                                    It costs nothing,if you can imagine it,you can achieve it,if you dream it,you can become it.

Be bold and courageous to things ,when you look back to your life , you will regret the things you didn’t.Do more than once you want to do the things.

Dream big.Laugh lot.Be grateful.Give love

To be inspired is great,but to inspire is incredible.There is just one life to live,dont waste time.Fear less,Hope more.Hate less,Love more and good things will be yours.                                Take chances

Live your dream and follow your heart,be passionate to your likes,be an optimist and stay happy.Believe that everything is possible on this earth with your positive heart.                                             Think Happy

       Live well.Laugh often.Love always                         Always change yourself

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,it is about laughing and dancing in the rain.                                                           Keep your promises

Enjoy the little things you love ,one day you look back and realise they were the big things.Do not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is not path and leave a trail.

Getting lost will help you to find yourself.Face rejections and don’t crave for attention.Don’t go through life,instead grow with life.

     Life is a beautiful journey,enjoy it.

Sing like no one is listening.Dance like no one is watching.Love like you have             never been hurt.

Remember and be with the one’s who loves you for the way you are,never try to be as someone.

Dont wait for the perfect moment,take the moment make it perfect.

Don’t crave for the perfection,because nothing is perfect.Just love yourself ven though you are imperfect. If someone calls you imperfect just thanks them because imperfect means i m perfect!!




When you see a person , you will like them as a beautiful one or handsome one,but when it comes to the nature you see the real face it will be totally different from what you thought.Dont let the looks fool you,looks are easiest part to get.Everything don’t appear as what it appears to be.Most of the People will know how to look the part,but only few will know how to measure it!

The same way the faces what we see are not the real ones people appear to be different and act different.

Underneath our nice friendly facades , there is a great unease.If i were to scrath  below the surface of anyone ,I would find fear,pain and anxie ty running.Because an illusion is an illusion.Reality always exists despite the facade.

The Versatile Blogger Award


This is the first time i have got something like this,I would like to sincerely thanks one of my friendly blogger Patricia Cox, for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger Award“.

I feel quite happy, honoured and pleasured to accept this award!

Kindly visit Patricia blog which has amazing writings! 

I would like to thank some of my followers and the people who encouraged me for my writings.


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Patricia asked me to tell seven things about myself,so here i go

Seven Things About Myself 

I was born on october 10th 1992 to the awesome couple as their first child. I’m a Piscean.Though i have been born as a girl,my father brought me like a boy.So i always be with a Kind of boyish attitude.

 I completed my schooling and college at Hyderabad, and later moved to chennai for my engineering in the stream of Electronics and Communications. Currently I’m working as a software developer at innovate apps inc.I have chosen this career because of my fascination in IT indistry.

☑ Drawing,Reading,Cooking,Painting,Working on handmade crafts ,blogging, are some of my favourite past times.Apart from these i love travelling,exploring new places and I’m a nature lover.

I am an optmist ,who never bothers about what will happen next in life.I am a great foodie ,i like to taste varieties of food in my life.

 I have a supportive younger sister ,mother and father who stands and tap my back at my odd times.My father is the best prized possession i have in my life.I can’t express in words how much i ♥ him and how much he means to me in my life.I can say his shoulders are the best and safe place in this world for me.

I have many friends but few of them are really kind and adorable who supported me,made me to laugh at my tough times and those are the best ones of my life.I would like to thank each one of them.

Last but not least,the reason for me starting the blog is one of my friend raki who is also a blogger,introduced me to wordpress,which made me to express all the things which i have seen through some of my personal experience and some which i have seen ,i just wana write and make people inspire and make them happy at some point of life.I write for my own happiness even.

WordPress is a such a great platform for all the writers to express their feelings out of their heart.I will surely recommend WordPress ,if someone asks for the best platform for blogging.I enjoy and inspire by reading all the blogs which are written by other bloggers.Every blog is unique in it’s own way and every blogger here are so kind and sweet.

I am here to help each other grow individually and become a successful bloggers some day.

I feel so glad and pleased when my writing is recognized and liked by other bloggers.Comments which other bloggers do makes me so happy for the day. I feel so happy ,if someone follows or like and comment my posts and blog. I won’t be that much happy if someone gives me some billions of money ,but a like and comment of other bloggers will surely makes me.

This is a humble request to all the nominees to take the time and like a post or follow some of the blogs which I’m Gonna mention.




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Not only these,there are many beutiful blogs which i like,but these are the few blogs which are to be encouraged and to be helped for their traffic growth.



Have you ever disagreed with your friend?or with parents?or with spouse? Well we all have the disagreed arguement at some point of our Lives. If people give some advice which we don’t like,we disagree with them without any hesitation.But one should be ready to face the disagreement of others because not all the people thoughts will be alike.

If you have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable,then you discovered the secret of getting along ,whether it be business,family relations, or life itself.

Disagreeing with the person doesn’t mean like people don’t like the person,its just they don’t like the situation at that moment.Its just they can’t digest the person being disrespectful with their thoughts.

In my point of view,its okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other person.That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make nor does it give you the right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs ,just because you don’t like what they are saying.Learn to recognise good writing and thoughts when you read it,even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable!


Daily post disagree 

Breeze on seashore


Like a cool evening breeze you touched my soul,
You were the happiness and you were the goal,
I walked on the sand of the sea shore called love,
It felt like a sky and the we were the dove’s,
Like the water that touches one’s feet in a seas shore,
You drifted away,never to be reached.

Being deceived ,i ignored your transience,by not knowing that I’ll find you only in remembrance.
And then,like a iridescent pearl you became my light,
While you found another shore out of my sight.
Blinded my your luminance,I let you swim across my shore,
Untill you became a spot,that i couldn’t see you anymore.
And then finally,
Like a ship that comes to the rescue,
You stick it with glue,
I don’t know that i was losing you,
Untill i knew it was who,
The breeze stopped and then the water dried!


Conundrum of life!

As far as i have seen,relationships are not so easy ,yet not hard too.Its all about how you choose the right path by eliminating the dilemma .

Some relationship are so hard where people doesn’t know whether to walk away or try more hard!Life and relationships are so hard and there will be dilemma around.Our real dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time;what we really want is for things to remaim the same but get better. 

Thee will be always dilemma in life in choosing a person for life or being in a relationship or for each and every little thing in life we have dilemma.

sometimes our head tells one thing and heart tells another,before we do anything,we should decide first whether we have a better head or a better heart!!

Our actual conundrum is not whether to do right or wrong ,but rather to do right when it matters the most and wrong when it matters the least!

Dilemma doesn’t occur wantedly for us,it develops within us according to the situation.Sometimes life leaves us a tough dilemma of deciding things.An ideal person should choose the right thing by throwing away the dilemma they have in them.One should be able to take dilemma even in a perfect way,Its like if life gives you a dilemma ,make dilemmanade. People should consider and develop life’s dilemma in such a way where even tough situations should be changed favourable according to us.

Handle everything in a perfect way without dilemma of choices,then life would be so colourful and blissful.


Life is a game of poker♠♥♦♣🃏

This is the question asked by a son to his father ,and the answer which is given by the father is real one for life.People who play poker will understand this better.

Life is like a game of poker,you are dealt a hand,and only you decide what to keep and what to throw.

In the game of poker, when you get the cards either you should depend upon the cards which others throw or the cards which you have;the same way in life either we depend upon ourselves or wait for the otherds to provide us opportunities.

If the cards which we dealt are not good,we don’t quit;the same way in life its not always a matter of holding the good cards,but sometimes playing a poor hand well.  

In the game of poker it’s not what you are given,its all about how face and dealt with it ;the same way in life it’s not all about what life gives you.sometimes it gives you lemons,you should drink lemonade and enjoy with the friends who drinks vodka!Life is all about how you face and deal with it same as poker.

When it comes to the joker in the game of the poker,its so valuable card for the poker life;the same way in life we get many opportunities like joker cards in the poker,its all about how and where to set them in our lives amd use them is the ultimate thing.Getting a joker card is all based up on luck of the people.

Some people drop when the cards are thrown and some drops in the middle.    Some sees the whole table who are playing poker and they can’t tell who is the sucker,so they obviously think that they themselves are the ultimates one and drop the game in the middle.The same happens in life when we don’t have better life ,we think that we are the only one who is facing a lot and quits,but there will be people along with us who feel the same and even thier life sucks, but they never show us.

Sometimes sitting against the people you never know what cards we get,we can either win a king or live on a joker. Many times in our life ,we are forced to play a blind bet and achieve a overwhelming success,with lots of cash in our pockets or we may reach disastrous conclusions losing everything we have got. That’s why i love poker because it’s combination of math, psychology,competetion and money.


You can’t pretend forever!

This is a conversation between a guy and girl over morning weekend coffee who are madly in love for years…

He: Baby! I forgot to inform you last night,i invited my friends in the evening to hangout with them.

She:  who asked you to invite them today?there is a list of grocery i need to get ,i can’t prepare dinner…

He: Chill dear! They will not be here only for dinner,don’t worry about the dinner we can order something from out. We all can have dinner together and we can watch the match or play some cards..It’s been so long..i didn’t meet them and have fun with them in recent months!

She: well it’s not about the dinner Alone..i just need to be wid you in the evening!just the two of us!

He: But i have told them already and they will be in their way now..and we have lot of time to go out for dinner..i promise you we will make it tomorrow.

She:  see it’s not about the dinner or whatever,i don’t like your friends . I literally don’t like their company.I pretend to like them these years ,i can’t spare anymore.

He: he got hurt and doesn’t know what to tell and surprised by the answer she told and left the roon unanswered!!

This is just a part of conversation in everyone’s life.People geberally pretend to like others,pretend to be happy by hiding their sorrows,pretend to forget the past and pretend to care.

We can’t pretend forever, at some point of time people get to know that you are pretending and the results will be tough!

“Stop pretending that you like a person;if you don’t like or care for them just be honest and leave ,but never hurt them by being pretentious!”