Well we all know how much influence does a teacher have in our lives.They can’t be forgotten for the whole life because the first thoughts,words they taught are the stepping paths of life.

It’s not necessary that teacher should be the one in our school or college alone ,a teacher can be our mother ,who taught us the basics of life which are needed to live as a human being.Mother is the first teacher,mentor for everyone on thier own lives.But there will be a single person whom you annoyed so much,gave tough time but yet ,you learnt a lot being as their student.

Mother and father produces a child,but a teacher educates hundred’s of children.

It’s not so easy being as a teacher becuase, eveyday teacher is the one who taughts new things and should be updated with the modern technology for their students.

I honestly and personally feel that a teacher should be appreciated and felicitated for the wonderful sacrifice they made and wonderful things they taught which can never ne forgotten for the whole life!


We all know how important teachers are. We have met many of them, and some have managed to stay in our hearts. Some have broadened our minds, while others might have made us feel inferior. Since February I have been around in classrooms, having the honor to see how far teachers in Norway have come since I was a little girl, eager to learn. School today is not about rote repetition, it is about so much more: Learning life skills. It is also about learning HOW to learn, and awakening curiosity in eager minds. It is about helping children be kind towards each other and giving them positive feedback while also challenging them to think more deeply about issues. I have seen small tricks, like getting the children to clap their hands when the teacher does so, to make them stop and listen. I have seen teachers managing to remember…

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