Being Generous 

Well!after a hectic day ,just saw the WordPress for daily post generous and i’m thinking what to write and couldn’t figure out anything yet!

According to me generosity means “the habit of giving freely without expressing anything in return”.One need not be rich to be generous.It’s not so easy to be generous ,because people who be generous give everything and yet they feel as if it costs nothing!People who be generous give more than what others need and won’t take any pride.A generous person will prosper;whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

“People who love themselves come across as very loving,generous and kind;they express their self-confidence through humility,forgiveness and inclusiveness”

This post is dedicated to all the generous people, i have known in my whole life and people whom i have never met ,but still exists as a generous one!


By Sasha

I am an optimist, simple living, who tries to be happy even at the worst moment! What made me start the blog is to share a few thoughts and inspire people, to let people know the life's essence, find themselves and realize what they really need to be happy even at the worst path of life!!

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