Hostel days

This post is about 5 years ago when i was in college.Umm Well that was the second year of my engineering where i was so cute and childish.I was a sincere student who finishes assignments on time and who maintains and submits lab records in a proper way! In spite of being sincere and studious ,i was fun loving! My college used to provide accomodation in campus and I had to reside because it’s in another state!

In the hostel, I had a bunch of F.r.i.e.n.d.s to make fun with.We used to enjoy together,study together,make fun of our guards,wardens and all..umm actually i used to be a mischievous student at the hostel! 

I still remember those days where we used to hate our warden because she used to bind us for rules and she used to show us a lot of attitude.So one fine day inorder to teach her a good lesson me and some of my mischievous friends hid her phone in my room and we acted as if we were so Innocent!!

She some how found it was me and then the panic in me was so high.I was so worried that she might complain about this to higher authorities,but lucky me!she didn’t.Later i returned her mobile amd apologised for doing so.The words which she said were unforgettable!

“See dear! This is the age where you should be mischievous,funloving and joyous! Never mind what all you did because that was all part of the college life and even i enjoyed when you comment me.Be the same , never change your attittude”

These were the words she said and i was so happy after hearing those and felt so sorry for her in my mind and from that day we were very good to her and learnt that forgiving makes people a better person!!


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