You can’t pretend forever!

This is a conversation between a guy and girl over morning weekend coffee who are madly in love for years…

He: Baby! I forgot to inform you last night,i invited my friends in the evening to hangout with them.

She:  who asked you to invite them today?there is a list of grocery i need to get ,i can’t prepare dinner…

He: Chill dear! They will not be here only for dinner,don’t worry about the dinner we can order something from out. We all can have dinner together and we can watch the match or play some cards..It’s been so long..i didn’t meet them and have fun with them in recent months!

She: well it’s not about the dinner Alone..i just need to be wid you in the evening!just the two of us!

He: But i have told them already and they will be in their way now..and we have lot of time to go out for dinner..i promise you we will make it tomorrow.

She:  see it’s not about the dinner or whatever,i don’t like your friends . I literally don’t like their company.I pretend to like them these years ,i can’t spare anymore.

He: he got hurt and doesn’t know what to tell and surprised by the answer she told and left the roon unanswered!!

This is just a part of conversation in everyone’s life.People geberally pretend to like others,pretend to be happy by hiding their sorrows,pretend to forget the past and pretend to care.

We can’t pretend forever, at some point of time people get to know that you are pretending and the results will be tough!

“Stop pretending that you like a person;if you don’t like or care for them just be honest and leave ,but never hurt them by being pretentious!”



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