Conundrum of life!

As far as i have seen,relationships are not so easy ,yet not hard too.Its all about how you choose the right path by eliminating the dilemma .

Some relationship are so hard where people doesn’t know whether to walk away or try more hard!Life and relationships are so hard and there will be dilemma around.Our real dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time;what we really want is for things to remaim the same but get better. 

Thee will be always dilemma in life in choosing a person for life or being in a relationship or for each and every little thing in life we have dilemma.

sometimes our head tells one thing and heart tells another,before we do anything,we should decide first whether we have a better head or a better heart!!

Our actual conundrum is not whether to do right or wrong ,but rather to do right when it matters the most and wrong when it matters the least!

Dilemma doesn’t occur wantedly for us,it develops within us according to the situation.Sometimes life leaves us a tough dilemma of deciding things.An ideal person should choose the right thing by throwing away the dilemma they have in them.One should be able to take dilemma even in a perfect way,Its like if life gives you a dilemma ,make dilemmanade. People should consider and develop life’s dilemma in such a way where even tough situations should be changed favourable according to us.

Handle everything in a perfect way without dilemma of choices,then life would be so colourful and blissful.


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