Life is a game of poker♠♥♦♣🃏

This is the question asked by a son to his father ,and the answer which is given by the father is real one for life.People who play poker will understand this better.

Life is like a game of poker,you are dealt a hand,and only you decide what to keep and what to throw.

In the game of poker, when you get the cards either you should depend upon the cards which others throw or the cards which you have;the same way in life either we depend upon ourselves or wait for the otherds to provide us opportunities.

If the cards which we dealt are not good,we don’t quit;the same way in life its not always a matter of holding the good cards,but sometimes playing a poor hand well.  

In the game of poker it’s not what you are given,its all about how face and dealt with it ;the same way in life it’s not all about what life gives you.sometimes it gives you lemons,you should drink lemonade and enjoy with the friends who drinks vodka!Life is all about how you face and deal with it same as poker.

When it comes to the joker in the game of the poker,its so valuable card for the poker life;the same way in life we get many opportunities like joker cards in the poker,its all about how and where to set them in our lives amd use them is the ultimate thing.Getting a joker card is all based up on luck of the people.

Some people drop when the cards are thrown and some drops in the middle.    Some sees the whole table who are playing poker and they can’t tell who is the sucker,so they obviously think that they themselves are the ultimates one and drop the game in the middle.The same happens in life when we don’t have better life ,we think that we are the only one who is facing a lot and quits,but there will be people along with us who feel the same and even thier life sucks, but they never show us.

Sometimes sitting against the people you never know what cards we get,we can either win a king or live on a joker. Many times in our life ,we are forced to play a blind bet and achieve a overwhelming success,with lots of cash in our pockets or we may reach disastrous conclusions losing everything we have got. That’s why i love poker because it’s combination of math, psychology,competetion and money.



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