She&He πŸ’‘

When the blue sky turns black in colour,
When the clouds shed  water to the earth as a message from the sky,
When the sun seems to be no where in the sky,
When the cool breeze touches her face ,who is sleeping peacefully on bed,
When the thunders and storms are playing their role,
It started raining, the inner child of her drowned in joy and jumped from the bed to see the droplets of rain through the glass window,

Photo credit:sasha

Just then she felt warm hands wrapping her from back ,She felt tingling sensation from the spine by the first touch of the day and turned the other side to see her  beloved man who is standing with the deep black eyes and a wide smile on his lips which are half covered with the well grown beard,

On seeing him ,she smiled and he grabbed her close so that no air passes through them.Looking deeply into her face which is well sculptured with deep wide blue eyes,pink lips and well groomed cheeks,he kissed gently on her forehead.By the touch of his soft and supple lips on her body , she felt the awesomeness of their love with his kiss,

He took her inside and served their first morning cappuccino with a rich aroma and a great taste of love and joy!Having coffee together they enjoyed the little moments of being together by looking into each other eyes and holding hands.

It might not be the great moment in their life ,but it’s one of the little lovely moment of a day.

For her ,he is the morning coffee of joy and for him,she is the morning hug of  warmth which will be forever as a part of their love.Without these little things their life ,it would be defenitely incomplete&unfinished  page of their deep affection!!



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