This is the first time i have got something like this,I would like to sincerely thanks one of my friendly blogger Patricia Cox, for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger Award“.

I feel quite happy, honoured and pleasured to accept this award!

Kindly visit Patricia blog which has amazing writings! 

I would like to thank some of my followers and the people who encouraged me for my writings.


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Patricia asked me to tell seven things about myself,so here i go

Seven Things About Myself 

I was born on october 10th 1992 to the awesome couple as their first child. I’m a Piscean.Though i have been born as a girl,my father brought me like a boy.So i always be with a Kind of boyish attitude.

 I completed my schooling and college at Hyderabad, and later moved to chennai for my engineering in the stream of Electronics and Communications. Currently I’m working as a software developer at innovate apps inc.I have chosen this career because of my fascination in IT indistry.

☑ Drawing,Reading,Cooking,Painting,Working on handmade crafts ,blogging, are some of my favourite past times.Apart from these i love travelling,exploring new places and I’m a nature lover.

I am an optmist ,who never bothers about what will happen next in life.I am a great foodie ,i like to taste varieties of food in my life.

 I have a supportive younger sister ,mother and father who stands and tap my back at my odd times.My father is the best prized possession i have in my life.I can’t express in words how much i ♥ him and how much he means to me in my life.I can say his shoulders are the best and safe place in this world for me.

I have many friends but few of them are really kind and adorable who supported me,made me to laugh at my tough times and those are the best ones of my life.I would like to thank each one of them.

Last but not least,the reason for me starting the blog is one of my friend raki who is also a blogger,introduced me to wordpress,which made me to express all the things which i have seen through some of my personal experience and some which i have seen ,i just wana write and make people inspire and make them happy at some point of life.I write for my own happiness even.

WordPress is a such a great platform for all the writers to express their feelings out of their heart.I will surely recommend WordPress ,if someone asks for the best platform for blogging.I enjoy and inspire by reading all the blogs which are written by other bloggers.Every blog is unique in it’s own way and every blogger here are so kind and sweet.

I am here to help each other grow individually and become a successful bloggers some day.

I feel so glad and pleased when my writing is recognized and liked by other bloggers.Comments which other bloggers do makes me so happy for the day. I feel so happy ,if someone follows or like and comment my posts and blog. I won’t be that much happy if someone gives me some billions of money ,but a like and comment of other bloggers will surely makes me.

This is a humble request to all the nominees to take the time and like a post or follow some of the blogs which I’m Gonna mention.




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Not only these,there are many beutiful blogs which i like,but these are the few blogs which are to be encouraged and to be helped for their traffic growth.


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