Life tests

Well we all know how life test us.In every aspect of life we have to pass and get succeed.Somedays in life are just to test how strong we are to face the worst situations of life.Sometimes life gives us the same tough test again and again till we get pass.By failing again and again makes us a bitter or better person.A true test can build our character.Its like not how you are on best days but it’s about how you take and react on worst days!

Life is like a multiple choice test,the choices confuses us and they might change,not the question.The only difference between test in school and life is that ;in school they teach us first and we write a test but in life we write a test and we learn later through experience.

The real test in life is that we become weary and  when we think that we can’t hold any more,but we should hold on and move forward just to pass the test.

People always feel bad when life puts them in a tough situation,whenever life gives you a worst test just try it ,pass or fail doesn’t matter because when you don’t attempt,you regret later for it.   When life puts you in same  situation again and again don’t say:why me? Just say :try me!!.  Even the worst path will turn beautiful with our Attitude,positive thinking and never give up nature.

“Consider every test of life as an another grown nail of your hand,its your choice whether to cut it or make it beautiful by applying a nailpolish”.


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