My Outer Layers

Discover challenge :outer layers

This is about the topic on fashion and outfits or something which we feel comfortable and which we love to be in.To me fashion is all the thing which we carry on ourselves with an unique attitude which is unspoken.Beauty doesn’t depend upon the size,what we wear its all about how we carry ourselves!

Coming to the outer layers my choice of outer layer is wearing a tee-shirt and comfortable loose pant.I just love tees for which the reason would be the solace in wearing them.Here I’m not speaking about a plus sized tee,but a normal one which fits my size.

I feel so happy when i choose bright colours and wear them.

Coming to the other things like accessories a handbag which is of bigger in size is my choice.I am also obsessed with different wrist bands and bangles.

Along with the above things 

 Being bold with an unique attitude,        Being simple with a heavy smile and      Being bright with a kind nature is my outer layer of  fashion.