Girl to Woman!

This is for all the girls who have tendency to stay up all the night and listen to music of their favorite playlists who reminds them of their current situation ,for those who hides all their fears,hurt,pain and tears under their smiles and laughs on daily basis,for those who wear their heart in their sleeve,for those who pray everyday that something will be better someday and get satisfied.The girls who screamed and cried out loud into their pillow because rest of  the world fail to notice them. The girls who have it hard, but don’t let anyone know that.

The girls who have so many secrets,but never tell even a single soul,the girls who may never have it easy,the girls who have regrets and mistakes on a daily basis,those girls who may always win,who might never win,the girls who stay up all the night thinking and wondering about that one guy if he will ever notice her.The girls who get what they get and doesn’t give a shit about what they lost!The girls who accept life as it comes and hoping for a better one someday and expecting that life will get easier somewhere down the road.The girls who loves with all the heart,but always get broken.

Those girls who knows the value of love,  pain of life, fear of loosing, ache of breakup, belief and hope of getting along with life are the real girls.When a girl cross all these things in her life,she will definitely turn into a strong,bold woman.

Dedicated to all the girls who once faced a lot and now turned into a complete woman!


By Sasha

I am an optimist, simple living, who tries to be happy even at the worst moment! What made me start the blog is to share a few thoughts and inspire people, to let people know the life's essence, find themselves and realize what they really need to be happy even at the worst path of life!!

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