Past days!!

People say time which is passed will never come again,but what about age? Will it come back?!Well it won’t !My mom always used to say “past days are always good days which are gone and will never come back“.

The past days like our childhood which is the cutest phase of life as we were not aware of what would happen in life and we didn’t even know what’s life! Those were the good days which were passed away and teenage where we discerned many first things of life,that was the awesome phase of life!

I do agree with the opinion of my mom’s ,because today the life which I’m living sucks and giving me all the shit๐Ÿ˜ฅ(not even lemons),but I’m accepting it as what it comes and being happy by doing the things which i love the most! I’m being so positive and throwing a challenge to life itself! How much i struggle though ,i can’t change certain things now and they keep on going even if i wish or i don’t!I do believe in karma , how much you struggle and crave for certain things they will never approach you untill it’s written for you in your karma,but that doesn’t mean that we should stop trying things.we have to believe 80% in yourself and 20%in karma.

I believe there is only one life ,so should enjoy it to the core.So we should feel thrill in everything and should start searching ourselves in life.

Be bold to face tough consequences  and be daring to face any shit life gives and throw the same on life! Be dare and stay confident so that even problems should run away by seeing our optimism and dare!




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