Feelings of love

Love comes suddenly in our life,it catches us when we don’t expect,it won’t give us chance to run away,before even we realize what’s happening,it goes deep inside the heart and grow from within.

It becomes a part of our life and it turns as a big surprise. 

It makes you smile like the way you never did before,like a fresh flower which blooms at dawn,

It makes you to shine so bright as the rising sun between the clouds,

It makes your heart to play song with your own composition,

It makes you to fly with the wings like a swan in a lake,

It makes you to breathe with all the joy as the fresh water flows down the river,

It makes you to feel wonderful as a rainbow, special as an angel ,brightful as a star and beautiful as the full moon.

You will never forget the sweetest moments it revives,it shows all the wonderful things ,no matter what will wait for you at the end!!