Relation between mankind and animals

Well!According to Weekly Discover Challenge we should express the thoughts about bonding between animals and mankind.Actually I’m not an animal lover,it doesn’t means that i hate animals, but i don’t pamper and groom them that much.My sister is a great lover of animals especially dogs. 

She is the one ,yes the dog is a female!Her name is bintu and i can totally remember how tiny she was when she came home.My sister loves bintu so much and she used to play with that as a kid ,she used to take good care of her whereas me ,i touched her only thrice even when she was a baby,but i love watching her .The way she she walks with the little tail and her puppy eyes awwww! i used to feel like hugging her sometimes, but i was afraid of dogs. Yes i have cynophobia! That’s the reason why i couldn’t treat bintu well.Inspite of me treating like that ,bintu loved me so much,it used come at the back of me always and used to wave it’s tail.Then i understood that “A dog is the most lovable,faithful creature in this world no matter how much we treat them”.

I can’t express how much i love cubs and pandas.I just love to watch them moving as fluffy and cute beings.

I love the way they run and sleep as little babies.

Other wonderful creatures are fireflies which are insects make manking to wonder by their amazing light.Though they are not animals ,they provide some light which makes human to wonder and feel happy!