I m Perfect!!

I have seen most of the people craving for the perfection.They always need perfect school,college,course,friends, love,spouse and children…everything including life!But i always wonder whats so blithe of having perfect things.

To me Imperfection is beauty,madness is genius,and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Anyone will love the pefect things and the perfect person,but loving a person with all the flaws is the greatest thing. It’s not so easy to accept the imperfections of life, its not so easy to act original all the time.Being ‘U all the time is incredible thing on this earth! Some people don’t be perfect ,but they expect the others to be perfect!!

Nothing is perfect in this world,no answer perfectly suits to a question! Everything won’t just match perfectly, No one are a perfect couple, but throwing away the imperfections and loving the person perfectly is an extraordinary thing in this world!

We are just normal imperfect human beings who have emotions,feelings and needs.We not sculptured dolls or machines to be perfect!!

Perfection lies in imperfection, becuase imperfect means i ‘m perefect!!

“Perfectionism is a dangerous state of mind in an imperfect world.The best way to forget the doubts and set about the task in hand….If you are doing your best ,you will not have time to worry about failures”.


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