A vibrant appeal

Here is a way to help Romanus for his vibrant appeal.Originally posted by Romanus and I’m sharing it for helping him!

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Hello friend!
Today, I am launching a vibrant appeal. I want you to help me or pass this on to someone who can help me.

I want opportunities to talk to teachers. It could be future teachers who are still in training or teachers who are already in the field. I am ready to go to any part of the world to do this if I am invited.

Who can make this possible? Do you know a forum in which I can talk to teachers? I have gold to pass on to teachers about their profession. I mean what I say.

I want to talk to teachers about the gold they have in their hands called teavching; and how they can use it to change the world.

I like also to talk to educationists; those who define education policy in their countries.

I want to address Parliaments on education, teaching…

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