Don’t promise,just prove!

I don’t want to spend time with you now,but i Wana live with you for years,

I won’t say i love you, but I’ll say i wana live with you forever,

I don’t want you to glance at me, instead i want you to look deep into my eyes and make me to forget this world,

I don’t wanna stay safe with someother person ,instead i wana stay beside you in storm,

I don’t want you to make me laugh instead stay in my life and smile with me each and everyday,

I don’t want you only to wipe my tears at my odd times ,but also tap my back and stand for me at my odds and lift me to the sky at my highs,

I don’t want you to make me feel Perfect,but i want you to make me feel that I’m complete,

I don’t wan you to dance with me in the rain,but i want you to sit in the couch and watch me dancing in the rain with your adorable eyes and wonderful smile,

I don’t wana promise you anything because promises might break someday,but i can hold your hand and look into your eyes so that our eyes gets locked and speak to each other and I’ll prove you by  staying  forever in ♥ with you!!




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