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Real Assets of a Woman!

It’s not about the ruby woo colour lipsticks,  it’s about smiling naturally with rosy lips.

It’s  not about fake lashes with black smoky eyes , it’s all about expressing everything with natural bold eyes.

It’s not about wearing costly ornaments,it’s all about carrying herself with a typical attitude.

It’s not about blushy cheeks,it’s all about chubby cheeks.

It’s not about beautiful figure, it’s all about the beautiful heart.

It’s not about being beautiful with well groomed hair,it’s all about looking beautiful even with the clumsy hair.

It’s not about just “her“, it’s all about her attitude,boldness,courage and wonderful heart which are the real assets of a woman!!


By Sasha

I am an optimist, simple living, who tries to be happy even at the worst moment! What made me start the blog is to share a few thoughts and inspire people, to let people know the life's essence, find themselves and realize what they really need to be happy even at the worst path of life!!

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