True agony!

Only the cheeks know the weight of the tears falling down.

Only the silent night knows the screams of the inner voice suppressed in a pillow.

Only the pillow knows the depth of the situation.

Only the eyes knows how blurry those are filled with tears.

Only the lips knows how to suppress the noise of the agony.

Only the stars,moon and black clouds know how long we gaze at them at night from the balcony by sitting alone and wiping tears.

Only the throat knows what’s that lump which is unable to come out.

Only the heart knows how bad it hurts to cry each night for the same reason again and again and keep all the pain within us.

Only the mind knows how many million times does it hear the same lines “why the fuck me life ?why always me?”!

Only we know how to hide the pain and smile next day ,as if you are the most happiest person on this whole earth!!

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