Life’s beauty!

​In life Laugh, even when you feel too sick or tired or too worn out.

Smile ,even when you are trying not to cry and when the tears are blurring your vision.

Sing, even when people stare at you and tell your voice is crappy and they tell if it’s not so good or they tease you for your voice.

Trust, even when your heart begs you not to ,but your mind tells to.

Twirl, even when your mind makes no sense of what you see.

Frolick, even when you are made fun of.

Kiss, even when others are watching.

Sleep, even when you are afraid to dreams might come and to forget the pain and wakeup with fresh mind next day.

Run, even when you cantbrun anymore and when you are exhausted enough even to walk.

Remember , even those memories pinch and prick your heart because the pain of all your experience is that what made you better person now and to know who you are now.

Experience, as it’s not the ending and without that you are an empty page,a blank notebook and a missing lyric.

Be brave, even when the storm is passing through your way.

What makes you brave is your willingness to live through your terrible life and hold your head up high the next day.Never live life in fear,because you are stronger now,after all the mess you had in life and the crap has happened ,than you ever were back before it started.