Haste makes Waste!!

Have you ever heard of this quote? I feel this as absolute one ,because whenever you try to do things in hustle bustle way they go and end in crap finally.Here i don’t mean to wait untill the chance is over because sonetimes if we don’t do things in hurry,we might loose opportunities..

Doing things in urgency is fine,but it shouldn’t take the precedence over important.Things can be thought twice if they are need to be done urgent. One should decide whether the things are to be done in urgent way or to take time.Only thinking twice will work at tough situations.

According to me the urgent finds us ,but it’s us who should find the importance. Importance is not fast , it’s slow and let you learn.Its deep and powerful.So always better know the difference between tbe urgency and importance because “Haste makes waste”.



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