Life with problems!

Well! everyone has problems in their own life.A life without problems is like pizza without oregano and chilli flakes.  I personally love pizza so much and i can’t imagine it without oregano.Without oregano even a pizza will taste good ,but it adds some spice and taste to it; same with life .A life Without problems with be happy, but with problems, mistakes, challenges, tears, heartbreaks ..etc, it will be blissful and beautiful! 

According to me a person who cannot know the depth of the tears can not enjoy the foam of happiness in a full fledged way.One who didn’t see the heart break cannot know the worth of love! So one should know the taste of bitter to know the sweetness! As said problems are good to make us a better person but we should not always stuck with them.

Any problem should be wiped off or cut off from the roots and we should know the root cause of it and also should know how to solve that.The correct and specific medicine is to be taken for the specific disease ;the same way right decision is to be taken to solve the particular problem.Any problem should   be cleared off from underground to get rid of it completely. It’s not a big thing if we do mistakes in solving a problem becuase life without mistakes means that you are not trying!! Do mistakes ,fall down but never give up and find the root cause to clear the problems!!


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