Waiting for you….

I have searched you and asked about you in every wave that touched my feet.

I checked every inch of air so that it might be the breathe you exhaled.

I have waited for whole years to find you and to fall in love with you and to live with you forever.

I wondered and searched myself in you to know where i got strucked in you and why I’m unable to come out of you!

I dreamt of you and me in a balcony sitting and forgetting the whole world,on a fullmoon day where even the stars and the moon felt jealous on seeing us.

I locked your image in my eyes so that i wouldn’t miss you even at my sleep.

I touched&walked on each and every footprints of yours on the sand at the seashore.

I kissed every bubble that touched you and turned as a dimple of your smile.

I wanted always to touch and  tuck back every single strand of hair of yours that covered your beautiful face.

I looked into your eyes and lost myself by looking continuously at them.

I loved you like there is no tomorrow ,i love you like there is nothing can stop me and irrespective of time and i will love you no matter what!


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