Love someone💝

Love someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach at the first sight or glance of seeing them.

Love someone who shows you what’s life is not who teach you what’s life is.

Love someone who can listen to the music if your heartbeat at your first hug.

Love someone who loves you wholeheartedly ,not someone who accepted you.

Love someone who consider you as priority not as a choice.

Love someone who expresses the little things they love about you.

Love someone who stands and tap your shoulder at your odds and never leave your hand at bad times.

Love someone who is honest in expressing what they don’t like.

Love someone who expresses their love in different ways,who expresses whenever they feel.

Love someone who always tells you how much you mean to them and how much they need you and how much they will miss your presence!

Love someone who consider you as a best Friend and best respect you as a better person.

Love someone who doesn’t show inequality in gender,treats you with all the respect and consider you as a special one.

Love someone who always want to be beside you no matter how old you grow and no matter how your body changes according to time.

Love someone who seeks your advice in most important things and follows your paths at some situations.

Love someone who want to be happy with you , who makes you happy and who feels proud to be with you.

Love someone who sees millions of tears in your fake smiles.

Love someone who sees your naked face and admires the curves of your smile not someone who sees your curves of the naked body!




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