The Ancient times

After seeing the daily promptĀ ancientĀ  today ,i really thought of the ancient days which doesn’t exist anymore now!we should appreciate the current state of living, but when see in depth everything seems to be materialistic.I see materialistic relationship, materialstic love, materialistic way of living. When we throw back to ancient days people used to give more importnace to people,love, friendship, loyalty , spending time with others. They is no so called word called busy” inĀ ancient times,but now we don’t have time for ourselves.

“Ancient lovers believed that a kiss would literally unite their souls ,because the spirit was said ti be carried in one’s breath”.

Ancient love and bonding was totally different.I have seen a special bond and intimacy in my grandparents and some of the old relationships.Where is such intimacy can be seen in present generation? It’s not there now.Though the people are being with each other , there is no love can be seen ,in the name of privacy people are maintaning a thin fine line which can’t be seen and which can’t be wipe..

Time and technology has changed a lot but what can give the happiness and joy of a letter written with their own hands to the loved ones? They can be stored and can be seen when they are old. Messages,video clips,audio clips , skyping everything is fine now but they are nothing when compared to the letter or a card which is written.
People these days thinks that romance means having candle light dinner but what can give a more pleasure than holding each other hands on a balcony while gazing stars and moon?? There is thrill in waiting and the wait makes people to get more closer .Who have patience to wait for now? Everyone are running with time ,people don’t have time to see and enjoy sunrise and sunset.They just wakeup go into their busy lives and come back late at home and sleep! where is the time for ourselves?

People have costly cars now with super special and fast engines but do we really haveĀ time to roam in them? Look back to those days where our grandfather’s and father’s have one car ,but yet they enjoyed and used it in a full fledged way.

In ancient times people used to do their work on their own.Now people are leaving their home with maids and guards,their children with some servant maids and caretakers,their lovely cars with drivers and their parents at oldage homes.If they did everything on their own no one will miss the joy of your child’s childhood smiles,joy of driving your own car after washing on your own,joy of maintaining your home and being in that happily and joy of being with parents and looking after them at the age where they need us.

In ancient times love means a bond, family is the most priority to anyone and people used to be with time but now love people don’t know the real value of love, family is the least priority and people are running with time.Everyone has a wealthy life ,but fail to show some humanity!

I just wana go back to ancient times where i could enjoy all the ages and all the phases if life in a fullfledged way.I just want to see and feel the real intimacy of love and humanity in life.