I’m feeling quite honoured and pleasured for The Versatile Blogger Award.This is my second Versatile Award and i want to thanks Miriam Hurdle for this.Do take time and visit her blog which has amazing inspirational thoughts and you would definitely appreciate her writings.

One amazing thing about Miriam is that she was a cancer survivor and she is one of the strongest and boldest women!! I just inspired by her posts and i just love her attitude. I truly consider and accept this award only for Miriam ♥and i gave a word that I will work on this .So here are few lines for her.

Award rules:

  • Thanks for the person who nominated you.
  • Share the award in your blog.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Tag 15 follow bloggers and let them know that they have been .

Seven random facts about me:

1⃣ I’m a nature lover and i love to enjoy and spend my time in nature’s lap mostly.I love to visit new places like seashores, waterfalls, forests,hillstations,rivers where i can find peace.

2⃣ I’m kind to animals but i hate to touch because they will be soo smooth and fluffy 😮and i get goose bumps when i touch them.I hate snakes and lizards ewwwww😫 and a bit afraid of dogs!

3⃣ I love to be independent,self esteemed and practical most of the time.I just heal myself emotionally when I’m not good and even at my worst times because ,i don’t want throw my shit on some other people and beg for a shoulder.If someone offers it purposefully, i won’t deny it. I just hate to cry infront of people and i cry all alone where people won’t able to notice me.I will be defenitely available to offer my hand and shoulder when people need me!

4⃣ I won’t judge anyone and if someone judges me,i won’t give a fuck because it’s all about my life,my rules and my choices.I do feel regret for many of my mistakes and still feel for them, but i never let others know and I’m happy because everything happens for a reason and every shitty person cross our life to make us learn something.So because of all my problems i am a strong and better person now and i just try to live happily everyday because there is only a single unguaranteed life ,so one should enjoy it to the fullest!

5⃣ As a girl of 25 years i have faced a lot and went through tough and bad times in my life.I am talkative to people whom i trust and love them.I will be friendly , jovial and love people unconditionally but once if i get a hatred feeling on someone and if someone ditches me, i will never ever see their face for my entire life.

6⃣ I just love to help people. I’m not wealthy by money but I’m wealthy as a human being ,i have every organ perfect in my body and i want to help people in some other way till they work perfectly. I do visit orphanages for my b’day and some special ocassions and give them little things which i can afford with my own money. I believe that serving to poor is like serving to god🙏!

7⃣ I just love being natural in physical wise or in attitude.I Just don’t act and i maintain distance from the people who acts.I am frank and straightforward person. I just do what i love ,no matter what people blabber.I believe artificial things are just temporary and i don’t like being dramatic and fake.I don’t go for heavy makeup because even i feel that as an artificial one.So
i just show the curves of my smile and spread it to people and make them happy around me😊.

So here are my nominations for the award

These are not only the blogs which i like ,but there are many and i need to choose only few as per the rule i did it.Do visit these blogs which has amazing writings and you can find the people with great inspirational thoughts.

I just want to thank 🙏 Miriam once again because when i started this post ,i just went with the flow ,but when i started writing the facts about me, i felt a strange,different unknown happiness that came out and felt so lite after writing this post😊.


11 thoughts on “The second Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hi Sasha, I love so much reading your answers. You are such a honest, selfless, open-heart, kind, sacrificing, serving, loving and giving person. You are very mature for your age. But I don’t think maturity has anything to do with age, and you are a very good example. I love to see that you have so much confident in yourself and not to be affected by external environment – people or things. You are sowing a lot of good seeds, and they will return in manyfold without you being aware of it. Thank you for sharing your answers. I feel honored that you did it just for me. Love you a lot. 🙂

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    1. Wow! ❤this is just so much for any person .Thanks a lot for analysing and understanding.You have such a way of understanding people miriam😊i give and don’t expect in return! Yes it’s true that i did this only for you😊 love you too 💜.. keep spreading your love and smiles😊


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