A letter to future husband!

My dear future husband,

I walked enough miles all alone, looked back at my single footsteps on the ground and imagined your footsteps beside them.

I had enough life waiting for you to come and hold my hand forever.

I faced a lot enough with jerks who always want me in their bed ,but not in my life.

I controlled enough to save my sexy side of me to just show you.

I locked all my wild fantasies, sexiest dreams and crazy thoughts in my heart to share with you.

I have enough mess around me please come and rearrange things and mould them in a beautiful way.

I learnt enough lessons from everyone i met and i don’t want to learn anymore.

I had enough people who left me all alone and made me strong, I’m just waiting you to see my naked soul and let’s make our souls entwined together.

Come and carry me in your arms,  look at me with your heart, hold me tight to your body and teach the essence of true love💜 and show what’s the real beauty in love and  I’ll proudly walk with you to show the world what’s true love  is!



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