Everyday in life is precious. So smile each and every moment of life. Everyone has problems ,but some people consider them as a giant one.Every problem is big only if you consider it as a big one.No problem is big ,only it’s our heart which feel it as big and sees as bigger one with our eyes!!consider everything as small one before life and death,those are the only bigger things in life other than those all the petty things. Money, status, name, fame even love is a small thing before Life and death!!So smile at the problem and see it as a small one so that struggles will run away by your strong attittude!!Smile at others, smile at life, smile at yourself ,smile untill you feel your heart lite.

The real meaning if smile is






Remember everything happens for a reason and if you come across shit in life,  thanks life and learn something from that shit even and move on with your smile.A smile can change many things in your life.You can make people smile around you with your smile.

“Having a smile on your face is a good compliment to life, but putting a smile on others face by your efforts is the best compliment of life.”


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