Moon🌛and Stars🌌

As i sit and stare at the glorious moon, I’m aware that I will see you soon.

I suddenly realise that i won’t be able to see you  tomorrow, so i sit here and cry in sorrow.

On seeing me a glittering star among the group shine, as a sign of that you are forever mine.

My tears vanished ,the love in me  flourished.

At that moment ,i imagined you holding my hand ,which i don’t want to leave till the end.

I saw the dark sky which asked me to fly,

As a love bird in search of mate ,at the rapid rate .

My heart started to beat faster ,at the thought of reaching you sooner.

I thought of the moment where i reach you and move closer ,my heart will definitely skip a beat and it might not wait any longer,

To hold you tight, and to kiss you on the very first sight!

Poetry Challenge#2 by Tanya on palpable pennings




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