My feelings

Today’s daily post will suit better for my day!Something is haunting me from inside! what’s that? what’s that evil thing which I’m not aware of?what is making me to feel like this?this is an irksome day which i hate it to the most! I don’t feel like eating anything,i don’t feel like doing anything now, but what’s this mazed state of my mind. Why am i feeling like this?is this because of my bad day at work?i miss something now,is that my mom’s lap?no it’s not!is that my bestie’s hug?i clearly don’t know! I’m vexed with this! I don’t wana speak to anyone and i don’t wana do anything,but i feel like writing,keeping all my thoughts,pain here!

I don’t feel like crying,but i feel a lump in my throat!i can’t do things properly! I’m the one who loves myself the most , but now, even i feel like hating myself,but why?? Why is that??is this happening to only me or will this happen to everyone? So many thoughts are wandering in my mind!i feel my head heavy and heart too! sorrow filled in stomach but i don’t know how to let this feeling out of me!

16 thoughts on “My feelings

  1. I have been through such a stage a couple too many times. I tried a lot many things to get over it, but it doesn’t happen.

    But you wrote, and I think it must have helped you in some way. I won’t say it helped me, but I am sure it helps in letting out.

    Also, you want someone to talk to, I can lend an ear.

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