An affair

It’s a rainy evening where sky is calm and wind is heavy, Angela sat at the coffee table. Her heart is heavy with guilt and her stomach is filled with sorrow! A voice from inside her haunted and screamed from inside “you are only his mistress“. She thought of his wife who is ingenue at nature and she wondered why he comes to her everyday even though he has such a beautiful, caring wife whose love is irreplaceable and immeasurable! Her inner voice screamed again “he comes to you only to have his everyday dose of sex!”  She felt numb and frozen by the lines of the voice. She also wondered why she still likes him when he is coming only for sex! He is fetish of her, only of her body, but not for her love and soul.

Angela felt that she is the Vandal of their relationship who destroyed his wife’s trust and faith! Above all she likes him. She can’t constitute him to leave his wife, yet she can’t leave him because of the love she had for him. A sarcastic voice screamed again from inside “you love him so much but only it’s a mistress love”! She felt a lump in her throat and she couldn’t move by the lines said by her inner voice. She is in maze of the thoughts running through her mind!

She felt strange and she thought of his wife, who needs him the most now because she has undergone the scapula surgery. She thought of telling him about his guilty feeling of their relationship, but he couldn’t, because she imagined his scarlet face he will have after telling and he might get hurt too. She felt her head strong and heavy of this feeling. She decided to write in a paper and she did! She packed all her luggage and left the place. She felt relief in heart for what she did and felt that she rectified her mistake by doing so!


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    1. Thanks a lot!Might be it wasn’t mistake for her,but it’s for his wife right?so can’t judge what is mistake or not untill one should feel it from heart!she felt that and she left! more over it’s my cooked up story , don’t know whether it happened really even!


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