Do you think second thoughts and second chances are genuine than first’s? Whatever it is first is always first and second thoughts and second chances are always second though you have found the second thoughts as a right one! When you have second thoughts about something and when our first thoughts don’t seem like thoughts at all,they are Just unnecessary feelings that are stopping you from doing the particular work!

When you think the situation is right and what you are doing is right ,no matter what people say , just go for it.Dont have any other second thought of it! At some cases having second thought is always fine. If someone betrays you ,giving you second chance is not always fine because once a cheater,always they will be the same,so before giving them second chances have second thought and act according to your heart and mind!

Once in a while you start having second thoughts, just recapture everything once that is flickering in your mind and think “is this second thought really necessary?!”then you will have the right decision regarding going with the second thought or continuing for second!Some people often say that second thoughts are always best ,so they might be matters of judgment ,but not in matters of conscience!


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  1. Thought provoking.

    I think it totally depends on the circumstances. Sometimes a second thought/chance is a case of trial and error. Adjustment and readjustment. Our first actions can often be on a whim and we’ll rush in headlong without real forethought. The second actions are a result of having seen what is actually going on and adapting better to the situation. I think this could even be true of relationships because I think in some way we all overhype the kind of person we are initially. When we realise who they really are underneath we either adapt to that real person or we decide it’s just too different from the person they made themselves out to be.

    This post has helped wake my brain up a bit 🙂

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