12 nature beauties

These are the most beautiful things of nature

1. Moonlight

Moon is the most beautiful part on this earth.It glitters between the stars and its the best partner of a lonely midnight!

2. Water

Water is the most essential part of human kind and everyone should like water in nature!

3. Clouds

Remember ,the days when you are travelling ,you felt that clouds are moving along with you?

4. Rain

I personally enjoys watching and playing in rain.I enjoy watching with brew of coffee.

5. Forest

Forest is the source if many people in many forms.But, the greenery which forest has is amazing!no one will take care of forest yet it grows and develops in it’s own way!

6. Seashore

Walk in the sand with breeze on the seashore on a cool evening is the happiest thing for me!

7. Chirps and hums of birds

Early moring chirps and hums of birds gives us the inner joy which makes our day lite and beautiful!

8. Snowfall

The coldest happiness of our inber child!the more chiller it gets ,the more happy we feel with lite mood !

9. Field Crops

10. Butterflies&Fireflies

Though fireflies and butterflies are smallest creatures,they provide happiness and joy to the people who watches them!

11. Beautiful flowers

Flower is the better example for smile.Of all tgem Rose is the beautiful one with fragrance and elegance!


Campfire may seem to be oldest idea,but campfite conversation makes people closer and the warmth if sitting near campfire at winters is the most pleasurable moment.

These are only few beauties of nature.Every petty thing of nature is joyful and beautiful. Resting on the nature’s lap is the precious thing where everyone can’t get a chance to! Love the nature and see what it gives in return,you will get immersed in nature’s love!

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