Black bag!

I really don’t know how many women will like this post and some might judge me even,but i don’t give a f**k!.So today i went to a general grocery shop which is not so big , but enough to buy groceries,so i asked the shopkeeper for sanitary napkins(which means pads in general use).  A middle aged woman who was standing beside me felt shy and started to seeing away as if she is unaware if the menstrual cycle and period!I gave an irritated  and dirty look to her.So this shopkeeper wrapped the packet in the newspaper and said “there is no black colour carry bag,is it okay if i give in transparent carry bag”. I was little bit irritated and surprised by his question and said “Bhayya!there is nothing to hide it,it is the same way as the men use shaving cream ,we use sanitary napkins, everyone are aware of everything and no need of wrapping in newspaper even, just give it in transparent carry bag”.  I sensed the surprise on shopkeeper’s face and he gave me the carry bag!

This wont happens only with him and only here,but i have seen even girls feeling shy to ask for sanitary napkins, I’m really not aware of the reason why? Is it something to be hidden? Or is it something bad? it’s part of human body and biological thing that happens with every girl!if it’s really bad and if it’s a mistake to speak about the women’s period , then why many companies elicit about this and advertise? This is really not to hurt someone ,but i just want to educate or explain or whatever people think. Sanitary napkins are just part in our groceries list of every month. Even this post is for men to support their female ones that period is not wrong and one shouldn’t feel shy to ask for a sanitary napkin!



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  1. Well, we all haven’t evolved completely yet. But, ya, because of people like you and me and those who’ve begun to kick the unnecessary taboos out of society are contributing a lot. We’ll get better soon. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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      • “everyone are aware of everything and no need of wrapping in newspaper even, just give it in transparent carry bag”

        Yes, you are right..!
        But as a civilized society dont we have to limit somethings we do and talk to some level..?
        Otherwise we wont be any different than animals..!


      • Oh yeah! Civilization is not wrapping sanitary napkins in newspaper it’s understanding the importance and considering them as same as some of the grocery thinh or whatever that every women need! See when it’s not wrong ,why to hide as if something is wrong?!

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