Choatic Thoughts

Well!I have a friend who once was betrayed, trenched deep by her love! She was deeply hurt and mentally disturbed! I didn’t enclose her situation to her family because ,i couldn’t imagine how they will take this. We both used to stay together in a single room and i used to be beside her and motivated her to be brave and strong. She was one of the strongest and brave girls i have seen,but her braveness got faded gradually. She once thought of committing suicide in my absence,but somehow she failed and survived!

This was happened four years ago and now she is a successful software engineer, a passionate wife and mother of a kiddo! Suicide and losing is not her thing ,but it was her state of mind in which she was.Her mind was in choatic state and filled with evil thoughts.Pessimist in her made her to go till that stage! She then later understood what she really needs and what is the main thing of life and concentrated on her career. She has grown gradually and now she is a successful person.

She was choatic; life seemed to be mess, she loved herself and loved her life and grown each day as an adventure. My advice to everyone after seeing her life is to be bold and strong at the worst path even.Never take instant and evil decisions when you are in a confused state because who knows there might be a beautiful life wrirten for you!



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