Hello people! This is the last month of the year and i have met wonderful people through this blogging journey!So i thought of introducing the amazing people to each other!Wondering how?Here you go everyday from today I’ll mention some 5 or 6 amazing blogs whom i follow and i will post the links like this till the end of this month i.e 31/12/2016 !you can click on each other’s link and introduce yourself to others.By the end of the month when i finish this, we all get to know each other and we will have many friends here.Let us welcome this new year with great fun!

One can mention in the comments if you like some of the blogs in this list and also you can even reblog this to spread the word!!If you like some of the blogs which are not in this list,its okay ,no problem just leave a link in the comment section!

So here are the links of my 6 amazing blogging friends list for today.Do check their blogs which are anazing!

1.Steeve’s blog which is all about his random thoughts,short fictions, poetry, quotes,his paintings.He is a friendly blogger who can draw amazing portraits and he always express his views on others posts in a excellent way!

2. Rakhi viswakarma’s blog which is all about random thoughts,quotes,potry and fiction. She can even sing and you can see typical sassy attitude in her lines.

3.Mack marie’s blog which is all about her photography, lifestyle, food and fashion. She is a happy blogger and writes happy thoughts always!you can get all the positive vibes when you enter into her blog!

4.Blackgirldown’s blog which is all about motivational thoughts and short stories.She expresses her thoughts on depression and she also gives the main reasons for that!She is such a honest blogger who express her honest thoughts and views!

5. Anushree’s blog which is all about poetry and quotes.She is also an artist and provides honest&good feedback in excellent manner!You can see amazing and passionate poetry here!

6.Marisa’s blog which is all about food and photography.She organizes 52weeks challenge and some of the photo challenges.You can see amazing photographs of nature assets here,especially for nature lovers like me😉 She also provides some of the tips and recipes.

7.Miracle’s blog which is all about her random thoughts,horror stories,quotes,thoughts on woman ,nature photography and much more. She writes beautiful poems and short stories on love!


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  1. Oh this is fantastic! what a great idea 🙂 thank you for including my blog and i will sure reblog this and introduce myself to the others 🙂 have a great day!

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