What is Life? 

What is Life?Why is life so complicated?Why it’s so confusing? I think no one can answer these questions exactly. Sometimes it seems to be a mirage and sometimes it seems to be like just a black image.Why?why?why? Well! I’m in my mid 20’s and still searching for the thing!I really don’t know what is the thing with life.It gives happiness in an hour and the same times it gives pain in the next hour!I wonder how and why things happen like this!

Sometimes it gives fruitful sleep and sometimes it gives horribles dreams… does it happens only to me or even everyone feels the same?am i the only one who thinks like that?When I try to be calm it pinches me when I turn to fight with my own life, it calms down and bows to me!what the hell is even this?

I smiled at my odds, took everything as a positive one, but still everytime same thing repeats! Why like this? When it gave me lemons, I made lemonade and at the same time when it gave me dilemma I made a dillemmanade! It showed me peaks of happiness and the peaks of shit even..yet, I really don’t know what is the real meaning of so-called Life!

Sometimes it makes us get closer to people, when we get closer, it will take its part and separate us from those people! Sometimes it makes us be with the people whom we really don’t like!it makes to feel excited, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes happy, and sometimes weak, sometimes it makes us grow and sometimes it throws us beneath the earth.

We protest at things and accept few things.We will not really be happy with acceptance or protesting things, but life goes on..I know what makes me happy, but those things can’t happen! At last, after all, I understood only one thing, Life is a battlefield, you have to sacrifice your everything and fight your best to get what you want!


By Sasha

I am an optimist, simple living, who tries to be happy even at the worst moment! What made me start the blog is to share a few thoughts and inspire people, to let people know the life's essence, find themselves and realize what they really need to be happy even at the worst path of life!!

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A question that has puzzled men and women since the beginning of time. I believe Nietzsche saw life as an endless desire to reunite and become one with nature. Separation from nature is our birth. Reunion with nature is our death. The time spent between the two is a state of perpetual longing.

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