Societal Blemishes.

Such a pathetic situation of a teenage girl!

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His hands dragged her violently across the room. He threw her on the worn out mattress. He paused, stared at her and began smiling, revealing a set of incomplete teeth. He was the devil’s reincarnate. Her eyes searched the whole room for an object with which she could hit him hard. Her searching eyes landed on the metal flask that stood gallantly on the bedside drawer. He seemed to have read her thoughts because before she could grab it, he gave her a hard slap that sent her reeling on the floor. ‘You’re as I had predicted. Stubborn, feisty. I love that! It’d merrier!’ He tipped his head back in laughter. Her eyes misted with tears. No! It could not happen to her! She would not have it happen to her! It would disastrous! Horrendous! Catastrophic! He knelt down and cupped her chin, bringing her to him. ‘No one can…

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  1. Well written post …. You know ..don’t put above mentioned people in category of father, they are not and doing so will tarnish the word and it’s meaning.
    What happened shouldn’t be happened…😕

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