Flying with colourful wings!

Born as a bird,

Brought up in a nest,

Fantasized of flying with colourful wings,

Ditched by fate’s trip,

Went through rigid times,

Fallen down as a dried leaf!

Felt warmth by the wings that wrapped around me,

Felt as a queen and shared love,

Deceived by love and torn,

Left alone with shattered pieces of heart,

Learnt to live alone and fly on own,

Embraced by another love as a ray of light in a dark room,

Bloomed with hope and flied high,

Trusted and been intimated with the love,

Fantasized of being forever in each other’s arms,

Karma , been the bitch and seperated us,

Perished mentally, deceived,cried, loved,broken and left solely!

Fallen to the ground and sobbed silently,

Waited for the time to heal everything,

Gained all the strength,heaved my wings to glide along,

Failed first,teased by the life’s trick,fallen down all the time,

Tried and tired,

Congregated all the strength,tried again and again,

Gained all the courage and flying high in the sky to defeat my loneliness, my defeats, my fate, my scares, my shattered pieces of heart, my frails and my worries!



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