Hands up tag

Hello people!Here i introduce the creative person Mr.Savio for creating this hands up tag😂😂😂.This is such a funny one and I’m doing it! So as per the rules I’m mentioning 10 things i do with my hands,but only ten🤔?!I can mention more I guess😃
So here i go this is the list of the things i do with my beautiful hands…

◼ I draw and paint like this.

◼ I cook for the people i love.

◼ I eat all the chocolates which someone gives me with all the love and I also eat whatever i like to my heart’s content.

◼ I write letters and poems for the people i love and I write to get relieved from stress.

◼ I type most of the time.

◼ I hug and squeeze my mom for long minutes each day.

◼ I touch my hair and cheeks often and love to play with them.

◼ I make the best coffee which i love the most.

◼ I get dolledup for the special occasions carefully.

◼ I handle my mobile carefully and i handle the things which i love most even.

◼ I pat at the people’s bum when i feel naughty and crazy😉😉😂

◼ I feed some of my cousins kids with my own hand,i love to tell stories while i feed them.I feed some of my friends too.

◼ I make some of the handmade jewellery, craft works,DIY things.

◼ I play with kids and play with my sister most of the time.




      1. Irritates in the sense,I hug her from back when she is engaged in some work and squeeze her😀she will feel uncomfortable and she acts like irritated to get rid of me😂😂

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