I love myself because I won’t ditch and leave me alone anytime.
I worship myself because I’m the one who stands by myself and helps me to face the stuff.
I admire myself because I’m me always and I never act as fake.
I care for myself because I’m the one whom I can to share everything with.
I trust myself because I never let myself down and never let all my secrets out.
I pamper myself because I’m the one who helps me out to come out of the moody situation.
I have faith in me because I’ll always do good for myself.
I believe in me because I never judge myself,
I can be as myself because I’m happy with me and I don’t need someone to make myself happy!
I’m not a narcissist, but I love myself more than anyone do!



15 thoughts on “Me&Myself!

  1. Excellent … means not a single chance to invite bad / negative thoughts in mind ……because our mind is just like a magnet , If we think positive / good – it attracts the same & If we think negative / bad – it attracts accordingly . So you on the right path. Go thru this website , hope it will help you lot in this direction :
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