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First post of 2017

This is the first post of this year and everyone should have great year ahead! I don’t have the habit of writing resolutions,goals at the starting of the year. But this year i wanna start something new so that it could be a better year than last one.

So here are the things which i learnt from 2016:

πŸ”³ Never trust someone too much,no matter how sweet they speak.

πŸ”³ Don’t expect too much from life and from any person even,because expectations always hurts!

πŸ”³ How much you crave for the thing to happen also it won’t ,untill and unless you get the right time,right place and with the right person only. So don’t crave or don’t just jump into the things to happen fast and don’t do things in haste because “haste makes waste”!

πŸ”³ Don’t expect people to stay with you forever,life is a journey and some stays and some leaves when they reach their destination.

πŸ”³ Never do things without a proper clarity and without clarity don’t promise anything to anyone ,which might lead to problems later.

πŸ”³ Never hurt people fast,if once it’s done ,we can’t repay for it or we can’t change things.

πŸ”³ Never be dependent on anything or anyone.

πŸ”³ Time is precious and spend it wisely.Time once wasted can’t be returned!

πŸ”³ Being positive and overconfident all the time gives you negative results sometimes.Sometimes it’s better to think in both the ways!

Things that made me happy in 2016:

πŸ”³ First thing is blogging ,this really makes me happy .I can write anything here and i met many wonderful people here and got good friends through blogging.
πŸ”³ Pierced nosering.
πŸ”³ Visited araku for two times.
πŸ”³ Had wonderful time with my  lovable friends.
πŸ”³  Got to know what I’m,the real me.
πŸ”³  Making art as an obsession.
πŸ”³ Got a clear idea of what I really need and where i want to be.
πŸ”³ Became more stronger to face more shit in life!
πŸ”³ Joined gym to refresh my mind.

Things i wanna do in 2017:

πŸ”³ Pierce a tattoo.
πŸ”³ Concentrate more on career.
πŸ”³ Reduce weight.
πŸ”³ Visit few places with friends.
πŸ”³ Learn to cook delicious recipes.
πŸ”³ Not to hurt people easily.
πŸ”³ Forgive easily.
πŸ”³ Speak carefully.
πŸ”³ Love myself more.
πŸ”³ Stop eating too much sugary things.
πŸ”³ Love my family more.
πŸ”³ Be more matured and independent.
πŸ”³ Stop acting crazy and childish.
πŸ”³ Stop worrying too much about life and problems.
πŸ”³ Be happy all the time in any tyoe of situation.
πŸ”³ Take care of my health more.
πŸ”³ Visit more orphanages and help more people who are in need.
πŸ”³ Spend time ideally and wisely.
πŸ”³ Plan the things and write them down,no matter how little they are.
πŸ”³ Stop biting nails.

I don’t know whether i’m gonna follow each and everything in this list,but few things for sure.Expecting this year to be blissful ahead!


By Sasha

I am an optimist, simple living, who tries to be happy even at the worst moment! What made me start the blog is to share a few thoughts and inspire people, to let people know the life's essence, find themselves and realize what they really need to be happy even at the worst path of life!!

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