So I’m writing on my blog after one and half year.

I’m a blogger and I used to post something every day and be an active reader who comments, likes and organize parties, Meet & Greets.

And then that when I understood writing is my passion, I thrived to make it as my profession. But after becoming a “Content Writer”, I thought that my goal is achieved and relaxed.

I constantly stopped blogging, jotting down my personal thoughts, interacting with the reader’s community and spent a year like that.

So after spending a year like that, now I realized what I’m missing!

I’m writing now for the company’s websites, blogs, PR Articles, Social Media, but I’m unable to enjoy the essence of it because deep down  I love to write about minimal things happening/running in my mind.

Interacting with people and growing the network was kind of fun and inspiring.

So I started writing again, maybe from today I might write one post a week later which turns to one post a day.

Throughout this I realised

Love and live with your passion, doesn’t matter even if it becomes your profession! 


5 thoughts on “Love and Live with your passion

  1. Hi sweetheart ❤ where is your new blog address? I thought you'd be writing on that now. But good to see you, like you said one and a half years later!! It's like I need to get to know my Sasha all over again :p
    I do right?
    Happy for you, that you're back. Much love and hugs

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