There’s certain point of time where nothing works in your favour, no one supports you, could be even your own family and world seems to be upside down.
You choose to be silent on few situations,not because you’re weak because you are fed of explaining things and even the tears have dried up in your throat, you feel damn alone and at that fucking moment your inner voice whispers something, stick to that, if it says not to give up, dont give up!! If it says cry your heart out, cry! If it says to tell your lungs out, yell! If it says to fight, fight!!
And from the next moment get up ,kickass and thrive hard, need not prove anyone, just dont give the fuck and live happily!!
Life is always not just to prove someone , its sometimes to live yourself at its best!!


6 thoughts on “Thug Life

    1. Awww.. lot of sweetness dear!! 😘I know you are just a call away and I would love to reach you anytime!! Nothing rant n all!! Everything is fine!!


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