IDK who wants to see this… Eating Maggi on few days is okay, Binge watching is okay, overburning the food is okay, Feeling sad is absolutely okay, not working hard is okay, procrastinating is completely fine! 

We are alive and healthy, thats the most all-embracing thing in the current condition, no matter what, you are just alive!! You are not dying on the disease or suffering from the shortage of food. Until you can hit the essentials, “remember you are fine.”

Recognize the things you have, dont let this social media or people fluster you. Its okay not to work out, if those people whose workout videos are taking a toll on you, dont watch ’em. Just F*ck ’em. If that planner list and checklist of others is ravaging the peace of mind and making you feel inferior, Don’t feel that way. That’s okay, Take a breath. Not every day is a good day, some days are bad, some are worst!! All you have to do is stay happy in this pandemic because, as someone said, this isn’t the productivity race and you need not convince or fix anyone; this is a pandemic, and all it matter is being healthy, safe, and happy.

If that cooking show intrigues you, go for it, that tik-tok fascinates you, do it, or that game is giving you an adrenaline rush, Play that. recreate your hobbies and learn that one skill which you have planned long back, brush up your skills, if you have a hand in arts and crafts, enjoy doing them. Try different genre of music, 

It’s completely okay to do anything, but not going back to “EXs and talking to toxic people.” In the worst case, its okay to just “EAT. SLEEP and REPEAT”, because all it matters is to be alive.

I would suggest is enjoy the nature if you can, have great coffee/tea every day, plan your work, clean up the mess and organize the room/wardrobe, pamper yourself, read books if you have a habit, try meditating, watch videos that create positive vibes and motivate you, cook and eat your favs, talk to family and friends.

If you are unable to sleep try working out more or seek help from those meditating apps or instrumental music. Trust me, they work.

Cheers to all those who are holding on, much strength, love, and power to all. 

 Love Sasha


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