“You are too emotional”, “You should change yourself”, “you are too clingy.”

Do you hear this most of the time? And you feel bad for that?

I don’t know why people refer to being emotional as being clingy, needy and consider that a negative term, but being expressive means perceiving feelings and being emotionally rich!!

And indeed, it isn’t a pretty rare thing, we all are humans, and it’s okay to be emotional! Some people eat more, some sleep more, and others do the other things more, and you feel more, which is okay. Because you can feel all the emotions and live life to the fullest as you can feel every little emotion – Love, Agony, Anger, Compassion, Caring etc

Rather than looking at being emotional as a negative trait, if you look at the perks of it, you will never feel for being a sensitive person or having one in your life.

1. You don’t hurt people

As you feel agony and know how it feels when someone hurts you, there are lesser chances of you hurting others.

2. You love and care a lot

There is abundance amount of love and care with you. If you love a person, you’ll do it unconditionally and care for them.

3. You value feelings

Since you’re emotionally rich, you truly understand the value of it and never waste feelings 😉

4. You are less judgemental

You will be more empathised and generous ! Rather than avenging people or getting hurt for what others did, you will analyse the reason and try to fix it rather than judging and sulking!

5. You are real

It’s tough for an emotional being to hide the feelings and actions. Since you experience everything deeper, you will show them through actions, no matter what others think, and you don’t have time for faked emotions and dishonest sentiments.

So next time if someone calls you an emotional person, thank them because being emotional is being sensitive rich by heart!! Always remember “being emotionally is okay”, “feeling everything is okay”, “being sensitive is okay”, but feeling everything intentionally would lessen the opportunities of you getting hurt when someone doesn’t reciprocate the same.

When you feel everything consciously, you understand what is essential to handle the feeling or invest your emotions in the person/thing that makes you happy.

Stay peaceful , happy and healthy

🖤 Sasha

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    1. Thanks, Angela! I hope you remember me 🙂
      I’m blogging after years, and your words are motivating!
      Glad to see your comments!!


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